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- Thousands of people use online dating sites every year, and most of them have a good experience, indeed many get married. However, online dating site users should exercise some caution, because as with any website where people connect virtually, other people are not always who they claim. Online Dating, safety Tips Offline First Date. Do a little online sleuthing (Tetra Images / Getty Images/Brand X). Giphy, i feel like this one is pretty obvious, but I wanted to bring it up anyway.

Is Online Dating Safe?

- IPredator, online Dating, safety Tips: As of 2015, 41 million Americans have tried online dating. Meeting a love interest online ranks third with a connection initiated by friends or love ones second and meeting someone at school or work first. Wondering if online dating is a safe way to meet singles? Fisher suggests keeping the first date to about one hour, and always meet in a public place during the day. Images: Bustle; Giphy 11).

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- Its now #1 way couples meet, but there are still plenty of red flags to watch out for! These 5 simple precautions make online dating much safer than meeting a stranger at a bar! 11 Tips For Safe. Get A Google Voice Number. This way, if anything sketchy happens, at least someone will know when to start looking for you and where to. If things go awry, it's very easy to block their number.".

It's way too easy for someone to run a Google image search on your photos, and in turn, find out a whole crap-ton of personal information about you. Local celebrity chef Devin Alexander said she Googles every date  even searching for their photos and phone number. Actress Sofia Vergaras secret? Ask if they have ever been arrested, Thurber suggested. If you do drink, Det. Most of the time, it wont matter  unless it does. Not only will they know where you live, you'll literally be in a car with a stranger. Most sites provide an anonymous email facility that protects its users, but because you have to sign into the site to use the email, some people quickly get tired of using the service and want to use a personal address. Before you head out to meet your potential lover, text one (or more) of your friends the name and address of your designated meeting spot, then send them a link to your date's online dating profile. Not only would a date now know her address, but they also would know how much she paid for her home." Yikes. If you want to safely date online, it's imperative that all of your first dates happen in public spaces. Giphy, part of the reason I've never delved into online dating is simply because I fear being cellular-ly harassed by matches that just didn't work out; but according to Davis, this fear doesn't have to keep anyone from searching for love (and/or sexy time) online. So if your date offers to walk you home, politely decline. That's a huge security breech imagine if someone were to show up unannounced at your office!" Davis continued, "It seems like a worst case scenario, but I have heard of this happening. Protect yourself by saving the joint car rides for a later date. Create a routine with a buddy that includes checking in by phone if the date goes to another location, when it wraps up and when youre safely home. If you decide to use personal email, Joel Tracy, editor of Online Dating Magazine, recommends setting up an email account that you only use for online dating. There is a way to communicate with your dates while simultaneously protecting your cell phone number, and it doesn't involve buying a burner phone like you're. Go easy on the alcohol (JGI/Jamie Grill / Getty Images/Blend Images). Tell A Friend Specific Details About Your Date Giphy Telling your buddy about your upcoming date is a good start, but if you really want to stay safe, give them plenty of details about your plans. Don't Let Them Walk You Home On Your First Date Giphy If you didn't follow my advice about meeting somewhere outside of your neighborhood, then at least make sure you don't let your date walk you home.

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